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Industry Challenges

A cross-border contest to push digital handcrafted products within the mobility vale chain


Crossborder Solutions for Smart Mobility

The call aims to support the development of new products, services, startups and business models to make mobility in the cross-border area more sustainable and efficient. Also, we want to push competitiveness of the companies along the entire value chains of vehicles manufacturing of all kinds, from cars to electric bikes, from hang-gliders to yachts.

We challenge the potential applicants with a list of problems arising from a needs analysis run by TechMOlogy. Problems are clustered under four industry sectors: automotive, maritime, aerospace and smart mobility.

Anyone, provided they are in partnership with at least one SME in the Programme Area, can respond to the Industry Challenges and propose their idea.

Teams will be supported in the development of I4.0 technological skills and encouraged to work with quasi-niche craftsmen who contribute to the creation of high-end products (e.g., in the design of bicycles, luxury boats or in the production of sailing equipment for racing boats).

Challenge 1 / SMART MOBILITY

Solutions for monitoring mobility data in Area Science Park

Challenge 2 / SMART MOBILTY

Innovative solutions to support Mobility management of Companies & Institutions

Challenge 3 / AUTOMOTIVE

Production of batteries for higher-performance electric bicycles

Challenge 4 / AUTOMOTIVE

Lightweighting of metal components in European mobility sector

Challenge 5 / AUTOMOTVE

Industry 4.0 solutions to provide support to automotive manufacturing workers

Challenge 6 / AEROSPACE

How to implement metal additive manufacturing in the construction of millimeter wave antennas for space communication

Challenge 7 / AUTOMOTIVE

Implementation of control devices for ADAS systems on compact driving simulators
Up to
0 hours

of free access to the the I4.0 research facilities and  laboratories of the Programme Area

Up to
8080 hours

of tailored mentoring / coaching / peer support with business and technology experts

R&D Support Services

Applicants will have access to a range of free support services for the design and/or prototyping and/or testing and/or validation of their ideas.

Teams will benefit from

  • a customised development plan for their innovative projects
  • guided skills search throughout the Programme Area to build the dream team
  • access to demonstrators and research laboratories in Veneto, FVG and Slovenia
  • free access to training courses on 3D printing, robotics, AV/AR, digital technologies
  • the opportunity to showcase their project at the TechMOlogy closing event

Projects developed by applicants in response to the Challenges must be briefly documented and submitted by 28 February 2022.




Test new collaboration protocols between research facilities in the Program Area

I4.0 competencies

Let TechMOlogy beneficiaries test their newly acquired I4.0 competencies

Develop together

Encourage companies and free lancers with heterogeneous backgrounds to develop together solutions for new products, services and business models in the mobility domain


Give visibility to the existing know-how niches related to the mobility industry in the Program Area (e.g. SOME EXAMPLES TO BE ADDED HERE)
The industrial challenge

Do you know the solutions?

Do you have an idea to solve the problems presented by the TechMOlogy project in the four industry sectors of cross-border mobility (automotive, aerospace, maritime, smart mobility)?
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Eligibiltiy criteria


Applications shall clearly address to one Industry Challenge


Application shall indicate on which of the available Industry 4.0 technologies the solution they will leverage on


Applications can be submitted by an individual or a team but the minimum requirement is to represent one SME from the Programme Area


Applications can offer solutions at idea-stage or projects closer to market. Products/services already on the market are not eligible


Applications can be sent in Italian or Slovene using the e-form between October,1 and December, 15 2022


Applications can be drafted either in Italian or Slovene

Evaluation criteria

Innovation projects submitted can belong to process or product innovation categories, as well as to social innovation or value chain innovation.
They shall be summarized in written Italian or Slovenian and English; 200 words maximum. A business model canvas has to be attached.
In addition, the teams can submit video recordings (up to 5’ length).

Proposal Headings

  • Challenge solution, highlighting the role of I4.0 enabling technologies*
  • Positive change to target value chain phase*;
  • Positive change to addressing a real end users’ problem and/or
  • Positive change in the company workflow (efficiency) or turnover and/or
  • Job creation;
  • Increased sustainability;
  • Cross-border cooperation.

The projects that will better demonstrate the added value of I4.0 enabling technologies as well as the cross-border cooperation will be selected by a jury and presented during the TechMOlogy final event. Public procurers and private sponsors will be invited.

Meet the Industry Challenges
and learn new I4.0 skills.


possibility to submit expressions of interest

Proposals development thorough the exploitation of R&D infrastructures and technology expertise provided by the TechMOlogy project

Innovation projects implementation conclusion

Evaluation and showcase of the best solutions developed during the TechMOlogy final event

Only the first
0 applicants

Will have free access to R&D support


Do you know the solutions?

Do you have an idea to solve the problems presented by the TechMOlogy project in the four industry sectors of cross-border mobility (automotive, aerospace, maritime, smart mobility)?

Subscribe and meet the challenge!


Learn about the TechMOlogy project

The project TechMOlogy aims to strengthen the cross-border mobility value chain by increasing Industry 4.0 competencies of niche entrepreneurs and handcraft high quality suppliers.

Project duration 18

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